Marilyn Rachel Ambrose

Marilyn Rachel Ambrose

Advocate, Foreign Lawyer, LL.M.
  • Tel:020 8367 0505
  • London, United Kingdom

Marilyn is a qualified advocate in India and holds a postgraduate law degree in International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration from Queen Mary University of London.

Marilyn specialises in litigation and dispute resolution. She has developed specialist knowledge in international arbitration and well-rounded analytical skills through her advocacy practice.

Marilyn has interacted with diverse clients and is adept at advising clients on a wide range of disputes. She has an empathetic nature and good organisational skills, which she uses to efficiently balance multiple clients’ demands simultaneously, while managing each of their needs singularly.

Her main areas of work at the firm include commercial litigation, arbitration, family law, property law, wills and probate.


LL.M in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution (2021-22) – Queen Mary University of London, UK

Advocate (2018) – Bar Council of India

BBA LL.B (Hons.) (2013-18) – Christ University, India

International Arbitration

Marilyn holds an LLM in international arbitration and is a strong advocate for using Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms such as Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration to resolve disputes, as it is a cost-effective, timely and less complex process than litigation. She has acted for clients in the real estate and construction sectors, and significantly contributed to the progress of these arbitrations.

Property Litigation

Marilyn has represented clients before Real Estate Tribunals and the High Court, in matters relating to property and real estate. She specialises in contentious work and has formulated key strategies to win cases for her clients. She has extensive experience in drafting legal petitions and has negotiated various agreements on her client’s behalf. She has assisted in drafting and reviewing sale/purchase agreements, license agreements and tenancy agreements.

Consumer Protection Law / Tortious Claims

Marilyn has represented clients in consumer and personal injury claims. She has worked independently on these matters and secured favorable results for her Clients, in cases related to education, compensation claims, breach of contract, defamation suits and cases of negligence.

Constitutional Law and Public Interest Litigations.

In addition to attending court hearings, she has developed hands on experience in drafting petitions, filing legal documents, undertaking witness examination, and instructing barristers.


Marilyn has advised clients and given legal opinions in matters of education, employment, intellectual property, and media laws.


Marilyn is professionally trained in Choral music and piano. She enjoys attending concerts, live gigs, music festivals and captivating theatre productions. Marilyn practices yoga and meditation to improve mindfulness and resilience.