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KTS Legal is a dynamic and forward-thinking law firm that prides itself on being a niche medium-sized international firm. This means that our size contributes to a sense of belonging and loyalty among all of our employees.

Within a rapidly changing legal landscape, we are committed to growth. We believe that steady growth will keep us on track and give everyone in the practise a sense of security. We want to keep and recruit the best employees for the company. Only in this manner will our firm be able to provide a professional and flexible solution to our clients’ legal issues.

Rapid advancement is possible thanks to our promotion system. There are several examples of support staff who have obtained legal qualifications and solicitors who have advanced to partnership status in a relatively short period of time.

Each employee is evaluated and rewarded individually based on their contribution to the company’s net worth. Personal development is measured in a variety of ways. It could reflect their level of responsibility or their contribution to the success of a particular team, for example.

We encourage all members of the firm to ask themselves how they can contribute to the firm’s success. Our theory is that if each of us questions our own efforts and contributions, we will all benefit collectively.

We are always looking to recruit experienced and newly qualified lawyers as well as support staff. If you wish to apply to our firm, please fill out the form with your details and attach a copy of your CV along with a cover letter.

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