Indefinite Leave to Remain – Long Residence

Indefinite Leave to Remain – Long Residence


If you have spent 10 years in the UK with lawful and continuous leave, then you can apply for indefinite leave to remain based on your long residence.


The 10-year duration is calculated from the day that you initially arrived in the UK, and you may be eligible to apply up to 28 days before you complete the 10-year period.


You can apply for this route from either inside or outside the UK, as once you have accumulated a period of 10-years of lawful and continuous leave, it cannot be lost.


You must be able to show that you have continuously lived in the UK with lawful leave throughout the period you are relying upon. However, it is not required that the entirety of this period was spent in one immigration category. For example, you can spend a combination of 4 years as a student, 3 years as a skilled worker, and then 3 years as a spouse, and still be eligible for this route. With regards to the continuous period. absences from the country for periods of less than six months are permissible in some circumstances. You must also demonstrate sufficient knowledge of language and life in the UK to be eligible for settlement under this category.

Why KTS Legal?

At KTS Legal, we will assist you with drafting and submitting a comprehensive application that satisfies all the immigration rules for indefinite leave to remain under the long residence category. If you have almost reached 10 years of continuous residence and have any concerns about meeting the requirements or falling short of doing so, our expert team can advise you with the best solution to proceed.