Seasonal Worker

Seasonal Worker


If you would like to come to the UK for up to 6 months to do farm work for your sponsor, you may apply for this visa.


The earliest that you can apply for this visa is 3 months before the day you are due to start work, which can be found on your Certificate of Sponsorship.


You must apply from outside the UK.


An eligible sponsor must have issued you with a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), for you to work in the edible horticulture sector, growing protected vegetables, field fruit, soft fruit, top fruit, vines and bines or mushrooms. You must also prove that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself, or that your sponsor has certified your maintenance on your CoS. If your application is successful, you will be granted leave for a period of no longer than 6 months.

Why KTS Legal?

At KTS Legal, we will assist you with drafting and submitting a comprehensive application that satisfies all of the immigration rules for a seasonal worker visa.