Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Worker Visa


If you have been offered employment and sponsorship by a company in the UK, you will need to apply under this route. Please note that this route has replaced the previous Tier 2 (General) route. For an update on the new rules that came into effect on 01 December 2021


You can apply for this visa up to 3 months before the date you are due to start working in the UK, which can be found on your Certificate of Sponsorship or possibly your offer of employment. When applying from outside the country you will usually receive a decision within 3 weeks, and if

you are applying from within the UK you will usually get a decision within 8 weeks. You may be able to pay for a faster decision. There is no longer a limit on the maximum amount of time you can spend in this immigration route, but once you reach 5 years you may be able to apply for settlement.


You can apply for this route both from outside and inside the UK. If applying from inside the UK, you need to ensure that you are switching from an eligible category.


Before applying for this visa, you must already have a Certificate of Sponsorship which has been assigned to you by a company which holds a sponsor licence in the UK. The job you are being sponsored to carry out in the UK must be an eligible role, and you must be paid an appropriate salary by an employer who has been approved by the Home Office. You must also be able to prove your knowledge of the English language, and show sufficient maintenance funds, if this has not been certified by your employer on your Certificate of Sponsorship.

Why KTS Legal?

At KTS Legal, we will assist you with drafting and submitting a comprehensive application that satisfies all of the immigration rules for a skilled worker visa.