Stateless Citizenship

Stateless Citizenship


If you are not recognised as a citizen of any country and unable to live in any other country, you may be eligible to apply to for British citizenship as a Stateless person.


If you were born after 01 January 1983, you should apply whilst you are still under the age of 22.


You should be in the UK to apply.


To qualify for British citizenship as a Stateless person, you must be officially stateless. As mentioned, you must also be under the age of 22, andhave lived in the UK for at least 5 years and been present on the day exactly 5 years prior to your application. You will also need to satisfy the residence requirements and should not have been outside the UK for more than 450 days in the 5 years before your application. Please note that even if you do not qualify for further leave to remain as a stateless person, you may still be eligible to apply for British citizenship as a stateless person, as there are fundamental differences in the requirements. If you believe that you are stateless, please do get in touch with us so that we may make an assessment of your particular circumstances.

Why KTS Legal?

At KTS Legal, we will assist you with your application to apply for British citizenship as a stateless person, including drafting and submitting a comprehensive application that satisfies all the immigration laws for this route.